Serro Ventoso

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This small but ambitious place located north of Lisbon is one of our sweetest places.We made our first XC in February from this place towards Nazarre.

Not easy to launch, but you can walk to the top to find a suitable place to take off



This hill facing SE so it gets the early sun making it a possible early start for a cross country flight.

The valley under the hill continuously bringing thermals up on the SE slope so it is easy to get a climb up to the top where you will find rock faces which provides even more thermals during the day.

We took off from the last ruins and flow to the left ahead of the Olive tree (the only one).

As the ridge getting higher on this side it was easy to climb. Arriving at the little corner above the village, where we got our first spring thermal to make some full circles. It took us right above the hill, and from there it was easy to find the next lift to finally leave the valley for a small Xc trip.

It is not an easy place to start requires a good launch technique! The official landing in front of the church also quite narrow, but plenty of place for an alternative landing around the village.

But its flyable all year long!

Park behind the hill, where the bus stop is, and walk up 10-15 minutes toward the ruins.


GPS coordinates


38°29’23.0″N 8°58’33.1″W


39°31’53.0″N 8°50’18.2″W

Local Guide





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