Praia das Bicas

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This week we visited the famous beach of Praia da Bicas. This beautiful piece of land is home to one of the best coastal soaring place near Lisbon. Located in the Setubal province south of Lisbon, surrounded by Pine trees and sand dunes which provides an astonishing scenic view from above. Arriving at the coastline, you will find Campimeco, a great campsite with lots of amenities and good offers, where you can spend some night to truly enjoy this place. Park your car at the cliff, the launch site will be on your left, as you face to the ocean just on the other side of the little white restaurant.


This site is facing to the northwest, which makes it flyable in north or west wind as well. Left from the start is a big cliff, easy to get a nice lift, but be aware, there is no landing other than on the top!

Usually, pilots get height on the left, then flying towards the campsite and Meco beach. Right from the launch site, the beach is always an option to land but can be narrow on high tide. Riding along the right side some easy transitions towards Meco, where you will find beautiful sand dunes to play around.Top landing is the usual practice on this site, arriving from the right (front of the restaurant), and slowly descending to the back of the launch site.

After 3-4 hours of soaring, you can found yourself having the “landing beer” on the campsite, enjoying the sunset as it plays in a thousand colours between the blue water, the yellow sands and the green pine trees…


GPS coordinates


38°27’44.1″N 9°11’33.3″W

Local Guide


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