Praia da Gralha

Site Introduction

This coastal site has it all,when you are in the air in front of you the endless Atlantic Ocean, behind you the marvellous looking Bay of São Martinho and a flying site that is magically turning the wind into a flyable direction.

The beach is also excellent for surfing, but not far away there is the world’s best known big wave spots(only for professionals).

For the ones who are up for an active holiday, we can wholeheartedly recommend Wings ‘n wave Portugal as accommodation, because they are 5 minutes walking distance from takeoff and they offer a broad variety of other activities if the weather is not suitable for flying(kite lessons, mountain bike tours, etc…).


Altough there are a couple of places where you could start on the ridge, we recommend the official takeoff, because it’s huge size and artificial grass cover.

Height difference is 58 meters and it is flyable normally from West to North, but sometimes the local conditions are making it possibe to fly here when everything around there is a Northeastern wind direction.

The landing is sand, so if conditions are suitable for it, we prefer toplanding, so packing can be done on surface that a glider likes 😉

Be aware that in the summer winds are mostly suitable for mini-wings, but a normal sized glider is mostly suitable to fly all year around.


GPS coordinates


37°06’20.9″N 8°56’18.6″W

Local Guide





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