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We arrived at Cordoama after a 3-hour drive from Lisbon. The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking as a 100 m cliff met with the Ocean. For the first Hour, we just stood there and embraced the power of nature as the waves hit the giant rock faces.

Nelson, the Local guide was already there, working with his clients so we had a sneak peek of his work, how he helps foreign pilots to be safe and make their holiday more joyful.

He showed us around told us all we need to know about this place, what wind direction work, how can we launch safety, where is the landing and etc.

 Later we had a chance to fly together with the French couple when the sun was setting into the ocean. We went to the local coffee shop, talked a lot about our past experiences, ideas, and just enjoyed our time at Cordoama.


This place is real gem around the coastal sides what we visited, as it is so high, you can actually start an xc flight from here:)

The upper launch is 100m high facing w-nw, you will find it just at the end of the road after the parking lot.
There is another place to launch on the left for when its westerly wind.

If the wind is too much on the top, make your way to the landing field, and walk up to one of the lower takeoff. You will find a nice grassy slope, where plenty of space to launch it will still give you a 25-30 m high above the sea so you can soar to the top from there.

For the landing be aware of the venturi effect as it will slow you down a lot when you turning in to wind approaching the beach.

Most of the time it’s better to lose height above the water and make the last turn towards the cliff and approach landing from the side.


GPS coordinates

Top Launch: 

37°06’20.9″N 8°56’18.6″W

Lower Launch: 

37°06’25.0″N 8°56’17.5″W


37°06’31.7″N 8°56’10.7″W

Local Guide





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