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Paragliding in Arrábida - Video guide and tips on Flying Arrábida-Portugal


Arrábida Site Introduction 

Our Team just experienced the true benefits of spending time in Portugal during the wintertime. The gentle sea breeze and the rocky faces produced smooth lifts made so much flying possible in Arrábida this Saturday.  We found a well-maintained start place, made a small xc flight ( around 10-15 Km) soar along the ridge for hours and landed on the beach to spend some time with the local pilots. This south-facing bay is flyable in every south wind ranging from SE-SW. Usually works after midday as the sun heats up the rockfaces to produce a nice lift through the main ridge.


There are many optional landings along the coast if you find yourself low away from the start place. Thermalling also possible, but there is a ceiling at 762m as you will fly under Class B airspace of the Lisbon airport!

When you fly to the right, be aware of the terrain change, rotors and difficult transitions.  To the left is one open ridge, with many landing options on the coast, so it is advisable to start on the left to gain some knowledge first. For the landing, you will find a windsock in the middle of the beach just in front of the restaurant.

This area is a well-known hiking place, full of trails and rock climbing places, caves to visit and many small sandy beaches to find a hideaway spot if you like.

It is not permitted to land on the beach between the middle of June and the middle of September.


GPS coordinates


38°29’23.0″N 8°58’33.1″W


38°28’49.9″N 8°58’39.9″W

Places to fly nearby 

Local Guide


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