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By the first look, this place doesn’t look really special, but once you are in the air, entering your first thermal, you will understand why this place is so special. As you lift above takeoff height you can observe a really unique scenery in front of you, the sea and behind you a lot of tiny hills creating a breathtaking collage.

It is not always the best place to choose in the region, but when the conditions are on point, it is a really pleasant experience.


There is an unpaved road leading up to the takeoff from the back, it shouldn’t cause trouble to an average car to get there.

The takeoff is covered with artificial grass and partly old rugs, so your glider will like it, unlike the landing, that is dirt in some parts that are grass , so you can pack your glider on a nice place.

The height difference is 157 meters, we advise you to plan your trip there when thermal conditions are because that what gives this place it’s magic.


GPS coordinates


37°06’47.8″N 8°03’42.5″W


37°06’32.6″N 8°03’54.6″W

Local Guide





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