Fonta da Telha

Site Introduction

We visited this site a couple of times and find it fascinating, how easy to start, to do the top landing and of course fly next to this amazing sand wall sometimes until the sun hits the Ocean!

This launch site is hidden in the national park, not easy to find, but provides an amazing coastal view and another unforgettable fly around Lisbon. The height difference is not the biggest around, but a steady sea breeze and the steep ridge delivers the usual condition to make 20-50 Km costal flight possible in this place!



From the parking, you need to enter the national park, follow the road to the left till you reach the ridge, the launch will be a sandy place with a windsock.

This is a place where most of the pilot will do the top landing, coming from the right as you face to the see.

Landing on the beach is also possible, but be aware if you continue your flight to the right, there will be places where is no landing fields!

To the left, the ridge is getting smaller, but the beach is always an option to land.

You can drive down to the beach, so transport is easy if the conditions are weak.

There are many local restaurants and bars along the seaside, so plenty of places to do a proper para-waiting if the weather is not in your favour;)


GPS coordinates


38°33’39.9″N 9°11’19.8″W


38°33’36.9″N 9°11’26.0″W

Parking on top:

38°33’43.2″N 9°11’12.4″W

Landing beer at Bambo bar


Local Guide


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