Arruda dos Vinhos

Site Introduction

Arruda dos Vinhos is a quiet town famous for its vine products and steak house.We visited this place much time as this is one of the closest places to Lisbon when the wind comes from the East or North-East.

Easy to start from both launch site which is just a minute walk from each other. This is a  great place to practice top landing on the E launch.

The local schools come here often as it is a very friendly place for low airtime pilots.

Easy soaring along the small ridge and smooth thermals give you easy lift especially before midday.

It is more like a training ground and place for a day out in a vine region.



The launch is easy from both side, top landing is preferred on the East side.

There are two landing fields, one is just under the Nort-East launch, with a concrete structure in the middle, and one further to the west by the road.

You will fly here under the Lisbon TMA, so the max climb is 609 m.

If you fancy for a 1 kg steak or Fish dish, visit O Fuso, the local restaurant where you will fill any hungry pilot for sure at: O Fuso restaurant 🙂



GPS coordinates

East Launch:

38°59’27.8″N 9°05’47.3″W

North-East Launch:

38°59’33.0″N 9°05’53.9″W


38°59’52.3″N 9°05’36.8″W

Local Guide


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