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Paraguide - Learn how to fly with Paraglider

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We are a small group of enthusiastic Paragliders who devote our time and energy to bring the paragliding community together. We decided to build a comprehensive guide about flying places all around Europe. Connecting the pilots to the local guides to make the most out of any paragliding adventure.

Our goal is to make cutting edge, animated video guides about epic paragliding places.


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The Idea came from a trip in Portugal where we looked for paragliding places on different pages and ended up in a jungle or an empty field, frustrated and spending hours to figure out what to do in certain places …

I think you will know this feeling some way …

Since we are into paragliding, we always look for guide material, how to stay safe, and how to fly in new or well-known places.

As we could not find it, we decided to make one 🙂

And Paraguide.eu was born.

We got together as a team and headed south in the winter to discover the Iberian Peninsula, and started making guiding videos.

Our plan is to continue this journey back to the Alps, delivering detailed videos about Pg sites and helping the local organizers to connect foreign pilots.

We will visit  Spain, Portugal, The Pyrenees and many areas of the Alps.


Gergő Szilágyi


Gergő Bogányi


Kristóf Takácsy


If you like it, support it

There are many ways to support our Project.

Probably the easiest way is with Patreon.

Here you can donate directly to us on a monthly basis. This will help us to buy new equipment or ease the living cost on the road.

If you can’t afford it, you can always help by sharing our content on social media or subscribing to our youtube channel.

Thanks for your contribution 😉
Happy landings!




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